While you wait…

We’re putting the final touches to the videos of our January 2016 flagship event! In the meantime we’ve got more than 15 ways you can explore the talks further with our speakers:

  1. 1. Listen to the Choir with No Name’s album or find out how to volunteer with them.
  2. 2. Take a tour of London coffeehouses with Dr Matthew Green (or if you’re not in London – pick up his book: “London: A Travel Guide Through Time”).
  3. 3. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up Greg Constantine’s book “Nowhere People” in January you can find it here and see more of his incredible pictures exposing the situations of the world’s stateless people.

4. Find out about Abi Ramanan’s two social enterprises: Day Old – tackling food waste and food poverty and Papi’s Pickles – working with unemployed women and providing tasty South Indian and Sri Lankan food and pickles.

5. Find out more about Regina Catrambone’s organisation the Migrant Offshore Aid Station and how you can support their work.

6. Listen to Jermain Jackman’s debut album (and watch this clip of him winning The Voice 2014!)

7. Check out Dr Christine Shaw-Checinska’s spring/summer collection with Navabi.

8. Listen to music created by Music in Detention, where Sue Lukes is the chair.

9. Find out how to support Toni Mac’s work with the Sex Worker Open University.

10. Take a dance class with Amanda Leon-Joyce at Irreverent Dance.

11. Read one of Magnus Lindkvist’s books about trendspotting.

12. Find out about Hera Hussain’s latest work with Chayn and read their toolkit on “How to Build your own Domestic Violence Case without a Lawyer“.

13. Watch more of song signer Caroline Parkersincredible performances.

14. Read Jules Howard’s book “Sex on Earth: A Celebration of Animal Reproduction

15. Watch Hussain Manawer’s YouTube channel and his winning performance at the One Young World conference in Bangkok.

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