TEDxEastEnd Live Stream 2017 

Going #beyondborders – taking our theme one step further


Since we started TEDxEastEnd in 2011 we have explored ideas worth spreading around our theme of ‘Society Beyond Borders’. Now in our 6th year we decided to take our theme one step further. With the help of our team, which is based in 4 countries around the world, and working with local TEDx communities and other groups we decided to host livestream viewing parties of our event on 25 February.

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The livestream parties took place in Beirut Lebanon, Sharjah UAE, Riga Latvia and Milan Italy. Over 100 participants took part – watching the event live, tweeting along with attendees in London and with the support of Slido.com participants at these viewing parties were able to send questions directly to 4 chosen speakers (Emmanuel Opoku, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Dautenhahn, Babita Sharma and Jeremy Burge). During the second break, these speakers took part in an exclusive backstage video conference with the four locations to answer their questions.


Sharjah, UAE with Sheraa

Sharjah,  UAE, Sheraa Entrepreneur centre in America University of Sharjah (AUS) held the event in the middle of the AUS Campus. Over 40 participants followed the livestream. Huge thanks to Sheraa as being the 2017 host in UAE! You can follow Sheraa on Twitter and Facebook.

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Beirut with TEDxBAU

Hub Beirut were supported by TEDxBAU. With 10 people attending from the TEDxBAU community, Beirut was important for us, especially as a location in middle east and to involve participants to listen and interact with speakers on the stage in London. The picture says more than thousand words! You can follow TEDxBAu on Twitter and Facebook.

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“Being part of TEDxEastEnd all the way from Beirut truly broke all borders”Nour Queidat Organiser of TEDxBAU

Riga with TEDxRiga

Thanks to the TEDxRiga community, we involved Riga community to interact with our speakers. You can follow TEDxRiga on Twitter or Facebook.

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Università Cattolica in Milan

In a smaller scale we were proud to have Università Cattolica in Milan on board. During a busy exam weekend we were able to offer a livestream at the University and encourage students to start thinking beyond borders. You can follow Università Cattolica in Milan here.

We look forward to even more TEDxEastEnd events later this year 2017 to inspire people to act beyond borders. In the meantime follow us on twitter and facebook.



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