JOIN TEDxEastEnd 2017 TEAM!

We all know that TEDx* is more than just a conference, it’s an experience. TEDxEastEnd is one of the oldest and largest TEDx events in London. Since our first event in 2011 we have held 5 flagship events, 3 Salons and 2 livestream parties – overall we have had 1 million people watch our talks either live or online. Over time, the team and speakers have grown and developed, but the core ethos and passion for sharing ideas that can positively influence local communities has never changed.

Our audiences experience great speakers who transform the way they see the world. And beyond the talks we work with artists, makers, technologists, and performers to make TEDxEastEnd a truly immersive experience.

As we grow our aim is to create a community dedicated to ideas worth sharing. To organise this scale and quality of events we have a dedicated and talented core organising team – who give their time for free each year. Our team is made up of experts wanting creative freedom as well as those wanting to develop their skills but we are all TED fans! If you want to be part of the TEDx team we are looking for people who have a strong work ethic and are exceptional in what they do. We know that this is not your ‘job’ and so we want everyone to have fun and enjoy the experience. Please note that everyone on the team is working as a volunteer* and that this is not a paid position.

*all TEDx events around the world are run by volunteers and this part of our licence agreement from TED. 


Deadline: 21 June 6pm 

Unfortunately the application time is over. Stay updated via our newsletter, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for announcements and key dates.