Stephanie Pau

Stephanie Pau has recently founded Citizen Inventor, a UK citizen science community open to all.

Steph holds a master in electronics and electrical engineering from Imperial College, London. Beside technology, she has a strong interest in art, science and life-long learning. Multi-disciplinarity has planted a seed early in her training. During her master, she collaborated with the Fashion Department at Central Saint Martins to create wearable electronics. After, she started working as a software engineer across a wide range of industries and cultures.

The falling costs of prototyping electronics and the incipient privatization of the space industry, have recently inspired Steph to broaden her explorations to inter-planetary levels and to share the joy of discovering with fellow enthusiasts in the process - she started Citizen Inventor. Citizen Inventor is a platform for citizen scientists. Here, curiosity is all that matters regardless of education. It is a network open to all citizens for playing together and remaining curious about inventing with all things science.

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