Roy Ballentine

Back in 2012, Roy Ballentine captivated our TedxEastEnd audience with a talk entitled ‘What is your passport?’ We caught up with this Irish-born restaurateur extraordinaire a few weeks ago as part of our ‘Where are they now?’ blog series on past and present speakers. If you liked Roy’s eloquent message around creating communities, read on.

When asked what he learned from speaking at TedxEastEnd, Roy is quite straightforward. The experience of voicing his thoughts on stage gave them clarity and legitimacy in his own consciousness. He also feels more confident on how to mentor others in understanding and endorsing themselves. Roy prides himself in accepting and recognising ‘the beauty in others and their achievements’. And he currently applies his interest and empathy for people through his current role as mentor in a business incubator. More than short-term business goals and KPIs he helps others along in their thought-process and long-term achievements.

Recently losing his father may have challenged Roy to find a new direction but has inspired him to emulate his late-father’s hope and love of the world. Indeed the future is exciting and full of promise for Roy. He considers the world to be changing dramatically and inevitably towards a place where global communities are based on ‘common bonds’ which aren’t reliant on ideology, nationality or religion. Labeling himself a ‘hippy’, his main wish for the future is linked to the idea of a ‘collective consciousness’ coming together in a world that better reflect ‘empathy and compassion’. In this mission, Roy is keen to use his experience to promote and ‘develop interaction between groups, organisations, businesses and communities whether professionally or as a volunteer’. For he ‘adores community and empowering people to act together’ and believes in a ‘tremendous power to be found in the simple act of recognising each other’s humanity’.


Where are they now?

Where are they now? is a blog series about our speakers from the past 5 years. Read about their experience of being part of TEDxEastEnd, find out more about their work and what they have been up to since their talk.

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