Introducing Our 2016 Speakers

We have had a stellar line-up of speakers from our Jan 2016 event:

Amanda Leon-Joyce
Movement teacher, psychodynamic psychotherapist, and founder of Irreverent Dance

Passionate about building communities and featured in the media for her advocacy and right work, Amanda is a movement teacher, psychotherapist and co-creator of award winning physical spaces for social good; currently this is Irreverent Dance – Europe’s first accessible, explicitly LGBTQ and body-positive custom dance space.

Hussain Manawer
Kruger Cowne Rising Star Programme Winner & Future Astronaut

Insightful, dynamic and inspirational, Hussain has achieved so much already – he was an Olympic torchbearer, climbed Kilimanjaro and owns his own online channel and is a spoken word artist. In 2015 he was named the Kruger Cowne’s Rising Star; the voice of a next generation and tackling social issues including mental health awareness, cyber bullying and religious radicalisation. And he will soon travel into space!

Choir with No Name
A choirs for homeless people and other men and women from the very edges of our society.

It may have no name, but it’s impact is far reaching, uplifting and most importantly, fun! The Choir with No Name runs choirs for homeless people and others from the very edge of society; with a presence in London, Birmingham and Liverpool and touching all genres of music, the premise is that singing makes you feel good, silences the ‘noise’ and builds your confidence – music to our ears!

Caroline Parker
Actress, cabaret performer, stand up comedienne and director

Caroline Parker has built a reputation over her career as the UK’s best signing singer. In 2013 she received an MBE for services to Deaf Drama and Theatre. She has spent the last 30 years acting, performing sign songs, devising, signing, dancing, miming and launching a stand up comedy act. She has performed in 2012 at the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics.

Dr Matt Green
Founder, Unreal City Audio and Author of “London: A Travel Guide Through Time”

Acclaimed author, elite public speaker and founder of Unreal City Audio (which produces immersive and critically acclaimed tours of historic London), Dr Green’s passion for London and its history led him to completing a PhD in the subject at Oxford University whilst also writing historical features for some of our biggest newspapers and appearing on numerous documentaries across the BBC and other channels.

Hera Hussain
Founder, Chayn

Named as one of the 17 Local Globalists by GOOD magazine and founder of Chayn, Hera has long been recognised as a community leader on the start-up scene for her ability to connect volunteers with technology and tools to tackle key social issues with Chayn being an obvious example; it exists to empower women against violence by using crowdsourcing, working with survivors of abuse across the globe and plays to Hera’s early passion to enable women in today’s world.

Jermain Jackman
Singer and the Winner of the Voice 2014

Born and raised in Hackney, having grown up in one of London’s toughest boroughs and crowned the winner of BBC’s The Voice UK in 2014, Jermain is much more than an incredible singer blessed with a beautiful baritone; he is a political activist who balances this with his musical aspirations to use his talents as a tool for social change.

Magnus Lindkvist
Trendspotter and futurologist

Already an active contributor to TED and a world renowned speaker, Magnus is a trendspotter and futurologist, with a diverse and engaging background including his education and writing, through to his company and compelling presentations, he is provocative, challenges our thinking and helps us reimagine what the future may look like.

Abi Ramanan
Social entrepreneur and campaigner

A respected campaigner and socially driven entrepreneur, Abi has already founded two food based social enterprises in London which tackle unemployment, gender equality and child hunger. Her new venture ImpactVision takes the concept ‘beyond borders’ even further with the power of hyperspectral imaging.

Greg Constantine
Documentary photographer

An internationally acclaimed and celebrated independent documentary photographer, Greg’s most recent project is Nowhere People which documents the struggles of stateless ethnic communities across the world, building upon his extensive contribution to highlighting human rights and social issues through the power of photography and ultimately sparking debate and change amongst the public and policy makers.

Sue Lukes
Migration expert

An expert on migration and housing policy Sue has spent the last twenty years providing consultancy, advice and training to projects around Europe. Sue is Chair of Music in Detention a charity that uses participative music to give detainees in immigration detention centres a voice.


Regina Catrambone
Co-founder of Migrant Offshore Aid Station

Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) is a search and rescue charity dedicated to saving lives at sea which was co-founded by Regina, and whose amazing work has already helped to save c. 12,000 migrant people from the Mediterranean since 2014.

Jules Howard
Zoology correspondent and author of Sex on Earth

Evoking curiosity, Jules has an intriguing perspective on humankind’s role in nature; with insight and expertise in wildlife and zoology, his work can be found on both the BBC and The Guardian.

Dr Christine Shaw-Checinska
Head of design at Navabi

Looking at the relationship between cloth, culture and race, Christine examines the fascinating cultural exchanges that occur beyond borders as a result of movement and migration expressed in the clothes we wear.