Naji El-Arifi



Naji is a Product Innovation Manager at Somo, a mobile marketing and connected solutions company. He has been at Somo since January 2011, starting out as a Product Manager after finishing an MA in Creative Planning and working with Samsung reviewing and blogging about their upcoming products. As a product manager, Naji managed multiple projects for Audi including its mobile site and innovative visitor experiences for Goodwood and LeMans.

Now, he puts his creative problem solving to the test for companies such as Shop Direct Group, De Beers, Audi and BP using mobile and connected devices to solve industry problems. His current role within the innovation team at Somo also has him running internal and external hack days and running the Innovation Lab where the company showcases the hottest new technologies and software.

Naji considers himself born a massive geek and since building a full scale model of the solar system at the age of 12, has never turned back.