Maryam Pasha – Founder and Speaker Curator


Who are you and what do you do for TEDxEastEnd?

I am the founder and curator of TEDxEastEnd. Day to day I help manage the core team and curate our speaker line-up for events. This involves finding, recruiting and coaching our speakers and performers. I have worked with over 100 speakers over the past five years and I love it!

What drew you to TEDxEastEnd?  What is your favourite thing about TEDxEastEnd?  What has been your experience highlight of working with TEDxEastEnd?

I love TEDx! When I first started to organise TEDxEastEnd in 2011 I had no idea about the amazing community of organisers and volunteers that exists around the world! I feel like I have found my tribe – a group of people who believe in the power of ideas to create a more equal, sustainable and happier world. For me TEDxEastEnd is a fantastic platform for important ideas, innovations and powerful stories. It is an opportunity to empower, motivate and inspire our community, to help them see the world differently and for them to meet like-minded individuals. In 2017 we are looking to build on the success of the last five years and we are asking two important questions – how can we turn ideas into action and who is not in the room/on our stage? We’ve got some really exciting innovations to announce that answer these questions – watch this space!   

What is your favourite TED talk and why?

Toni Mac’s talk from our 2016 event on “The laws that sex workers really want” is my favourite TED talk. It is a powerful talk that challenges our preconceptions; the talk lets us listen to the voices of sex workers and understand the impact of laws and public attitudes on their life and safety. The talk has changed minds and impacted policymakers in the UK. It was also selected to be promoted on the TED platform and has had over 1.4 million views!

If you had to speak at TEDxEastEnd 2017, what would be your story?

In 2015 I was given the opportunity to speak at TEDxUCLWomen ( I spoke about imposter syndrome – what it is and my own experiences. Since then I have been researching to write a book on the topic, so I would speak about this again and focus on how imposter syndrome manifests for people who want to change the world and what we can do overcome it.

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