Like most of us at TEDxEastEnd, you may have been moved by Infecta’s musical performance last year. Revealing his soul through outstanding words and melody, Infecta calls music ‘his saviour’. Catching up with him recently gave us the opportunity for a sneak peek into the life of our of our favourite upcoming artists in London.

Accepting our flaws and human imperfection is something that Infecta has learned from his talk at TEDxEastEnd for understanding that we are ‘real life individuals not science experiments’ is important to him. Having recently become homeowner, Infecta has been keeping busy with projects this year. Finding what he describes as ‘the ideal job’ as a support worker for young people has not only enriched his life but also allowed him to allocate time to his musical career. And here again, Infecta has a lot to be proud of. He performed in Rome to a sold out Art Exhibition show – a clear testimony to his international potential. As for winning a highly coveted spot on the Amy Winehouse Foundation’s artist development course, Infecta describes it as a really fulfilling experience.

And even though he admits to sometimes struggle financially, Infecta is keeping his head high, striving to live up to what he feels most proud about – his music. More than this, having ‘successfully turned a negative into a positive’ but also ‘sharing and spreading hope’ is what drives him today. His resilience has brought him to where he is now but he’s not stopping there. With an upcoming appearance on BBC One 2-hour special documentary alongside Stephen Fry, a cameo in the new Tarzan film to be released in cinemas mid 2016 and an album ready for release by the end of next year, be prepared to hear his name quite a lot in the next year. As for the future, Infecta sees it in the words of an advert that is still stuck in his head ‘the future is bright, the future is orange’ as he wishes to create something that ‘will unite the world’.

If you are interested in learning more about Infecta, watch out for his appearance at the Spirit of London Awards on Oct 30th, 2016 and catch the October issue DISORDER Magazine where he discusses his clothing line and album.

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