Tom Boon


All TEDx EastEnd 2017 Talks

All TEDxEastEnd 2017 Talks

When Tom was 14, he went through a journey that changed his perception of the world that we live in.  Growing up, he was sporty and positive – but soon became known as an “aggressive teenager”.  At the time, everyone thought it was just a stage that many teenagers go through. But it was a response to a traumatic experience he witnessed earlier in life.  

Tom is now 22, and a lot has changed in the past 8 years. He works for Raleigh International, a sustainable development charity, where he delivers talks across the United Kingdom to inspire young people to use their passion and energy to create lasting change overseas.  As well as working full time, he studies part-time through the Open University.  

Tom was born in Liverpool and raised on the Wirral, now living in London.

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