Dhillan Bhardwaj

Founder of Ratchet Clothing


All TEDx EastEnd 2017 Talks

All TEDxEastEnd 2017 Talks

Four years ago, at age 16, Dhillan decided to leave college and start, what was to become, one of the largest independent clothing brands in the UK – Ratchet Clothing. Making his first million within the first year, this young mogul’s brand now boasts a host of celebrity fans – including Miley Cyrus, Jessie J and David Cameron. Derby born Dhillan has a larger than life personality and uses fashion as a way to celebrate diversity, individuality and freedom,

Dhillan began experimenting with tie-dye designs in his family’s garage before opening his first shop in Long Eaton in 2012. Sales rapidly picked up and the Ratchet Empire flourished, employing 17 people in a few short weeks. Right from the start Ratchet took the internet by storm, gaining tens of thousands of followers on Facebook within its first month. Now with a social presence of over half a million followers, Dhillan uses his voice to campaign passionately for causes such as equality, mental health and social injustice. He can regularly be seen and heard on BBC News, Sky News and BBC Asian Network.

Early 2016 Dhillan was featured on Channel 4’s millennial based documentary, ‘Rich Kids Go Shopping’. Delving deep into both his business and lifestyle, Dhillan revealed the highs and lows of being the founder of a fast-growing business whilst living in his teens.  With a second brand on the way, partnerships with Netflix in the pipeline and famous faces consistently supporting his vision, this young self-made entrepreneur is becoming an unstoppable creative force within the world of fashion and entertainment.