Alix Fox

Journalist, broadcaster and sex educator of the year 2016


All TEDx EastEnd 2017 Talks

All TEDxEastEnd 2017 Talks

Alix Fox is a multi award-winning journalist, broadcaster and sex educator. She presents The Guardian‘s hit sex & relationships real-life storytelling podcast, Close Encounters, and answers listeners’ most intimate enquiries as an X-rated agony aunt on magazine-style show The Modern Mann, as well as appearing on TV and radio programmes ranging from Radio 4’s Women’s Hour to Channel 5’s Sexpod.

Her writing can be found in Marie Claire, Vogue, Grazia, Glamour, Cosmo, Time Out and more. A former editor of alternative culture magazine Bizarre for many years, Alix began her career by specialising in covering extreme fetishes and kinks, but now discusses topics from the mild to the wild, always aiming to combine engaging entertainment with reliable information, and start insightful, constructive conversations that advance understanding of each other and ourselves.

In addition to working as Sex & Relationships Expert for Durex, Alix often collaborates with Brook, a sexual health advisory charity aimed at under 25s. She is currently working together with Brook and MPs to improve sex ed in schools and push for comprehensive, well researched and effectively delivered SRE for all young people.

She believes in being “decently indecent”.

I have many favourites, but I’m genuinely really taken with Al Vernacchio’s pizza metaphor! It’s funny but smart, and makes an excellent points.

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