Jermain Jackman

Singer and the Winner of the Voice 2014


“Society beyond borders is as simple as going outside the box. “

My favourite TEDTalk:

20 year old Singer & songwriter Jermain Jackman is one of the UK’s most innovative, interesting and unique performers, He was crowned winner of BBC’s The Voice UK in 2014.

Blessed with a beautifully rich baritone, Jackman’s renditions during The Voice UK of, ‘House is not a home’, ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘I’m telling you’ (which have had over 5 millions views online) where simply stunning, showing off his incredible range as a singer.

In addition to being an incredible vocalist, there are many other facets to Jermain. He’s working with chart topping producers whilst pursuing his role as a political activist. He was tagged a being the ‘Singing Politican’ by Sir Tom Jones and referred to as Britain’s first Singing black Prime Minister by Leading Tabloids.

Currently studying Social Science & Politics at Leeds University, he is determined to project himself beyond the pop charts in order to use his voice as a tool for social change. This Altruistic musician who seamlessly balances his musical aspirations with his political ones, this talented, ambitious and driven young man truly wants to affect change.

Jermain is a twin and the youngest of five siblings, was born and raised in Hackney, East London. Though they lived in one of London’s toughest boroughs, Jermain was never tempted by a life of crime. “My parents instilled me with a strong social conscious of which I’m thankful as I know that some families don’t have that. I wasn’t afforded everything I wanted, but got everything I needed,” he laughs softly. “It was a very family orientated childhood; siblings, grannies, cousins. My family and my community inspired me, which proves that it takes a village to raise a child. I believe that because I’m continually supported and nourished.

He calls Hackney Empire his home stage as he describes the countless of times performing here and each time taking away something different. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength and released his self-titled Debut Album in March last year.

Twitter: @JermainJackman
Facebook: Jermain Jackman