Hussain Manawer

Kruger Cowne Rising Star Programme Winner & Future Astronaut @HussainsHouse

 “Only when I went beyond borders did I discover my true self.”

My favourite TEDTalk:
Hussain Manawer’s achievements already include being amongst the elite few who became Olympic torchbearers for the Olympics London 2012. Whilst studying at university, the up-and-coming media mogul climbed Kilimanjaro, raising thousands of pounds for charity. At present, as well as interviewing a host of influential public figures on his online channel Hussain’s House, the talented poet takes time out of his schedule to visit schools across the country, speaking to young people on issues such as cyber bullying and the importance of self-expression through the arts. In November 2015 Hussain became Kruger Cowne’s Rising Star after his inspirational performance at the One Young World Summit 2015 in Bangkok. With his enthusiastic on-stage presence, Hussain pressed hard the issues surrounding mental health awareness, leading to a standing ovation and an influx of social media support. As a Rising Star, Hussain will become the voice of the next generation and will travel into space with XCOR Space Expeditions. Presented with the opportunity to experience the world from an entirely new perspective, as the Rising Star, Hussain will provide new insight to global discussions on some of the world’s most pressing issues. Hussain’s acceptance speech acknowledged issues around mental health, as well as calling on the young generation to acknowledge the differences in religious radicalisation and peaceful practice.