Amanda Leon-Joyce

Movement teacher, psychodynamic psychotherapist, and founder of Irreverent Dance


“To me ‘society beyond borders speaks’ to the places we are most authentically ourselves, places that embrace difference as well as similarity and are unafraid that that, by it’s very nature, will be messy and chaotic. It’s the unchoreographed crowd moving as one in a sweaty club at 3am, it’s not the corps de ballet, or their audience, sat in a gold guilt theatre.”

My favourite TEDTalk:

Amanda is a movement teacher, a psychodynamic psychotherapist and a passionate community builder. She has a background in co-creating award winning physical spaces for social good, including SHINE, OxfordJam, WowzersFest and (currently) Irreverent Dance – Europe’s first accessible, explicitly LGBTQ and body-positive custom dance space.
Amanda also participates in advocacy and rights media communications, including features on Radio 4, in The Telegraph and the Guardian, opening words at the international inaugural TEDxWomen event, and a keynote address at the 2012 Millennium Development Summit in Cape Town.