Burn After Reading | Amaal Said, Antosh Wojcik & Jacob Sam-La Rose

Three of the most exciting and relevant spoken word artists in the UK. With influences from Somalia to Denmark and having performed from Glastonbury to the Barbican, they bring together our theme of society beyond borders through their beautiful lyrics.

How the world is connected | Marianne Freiberger

Can you cross seven bridges without retracing your steps? Marianne Freiberger weaves one of history’s greatest puzzles into an ever-expanding illustration of how networks pervade the world and mathematics gives us the power to understand them.

How to be a wizard | Naji El-Arifi

Magic is real. Naji El-Arifi argues that for the first time in history, we are living with true wizards: people who can code. Those who don’t teach themselves this skill will be left behind by programmers who can, in minutes, fix what is broken, make the world behave differently, or bring new concepts into existence before our eyes.

We are living on the cusp of a gender revolution | Jay Stewart

Satellites have been one of the last remaining technologies that only governments can afford to have. That’s about to change. Developers are invited to play in Inmarsat’s satellite sandbox and create apps for disaster relief and humanitarian response. Possibly the coolest toy you’ve ever been given.

The final frontier: apps in space to save humanity | Mike Holdsworth

Satellites have been one of the last remaining technologies that only governments can afford to have. That’s about to change. Developers are invited to play in Inmarsat’s satellite sandbox and create apps for disaster relief and humanitarian response. Possibly the coolest toy you’ve ever been given.

A banker, a worker and an immigrant walk into a bar… | Anna Chen

Genetic science has definitively proved that all humans originate from the same group of East African ancestors. So why do people insist on trying to create divisions between races or nationalities? Anna Chen suggests this is more than instinctive racism – there are economic interests at stake. Political rhetoric about migrants exists to justify exploitation and create divisions. A better world is possible.

I wanna make you move | Samantha Moyo

The perfect way to start your working day: get up at 6.30, have a fruit juice, get a bit of exercise..go to a rave? Sam tells us the story and vision behind Morning Gloryville, and takes the audience by surprise by getting them dancing with a troupe of unicorns, to a DJ set from Basement Jaxx.

Culture must never be used as a justification for “honour violence” | Diana Nammi

So called ‘honour violence’ or ‘honour killings’ are a reality for women all around the world; this talk looks at the stories of three women in the UK. From Kurdistan to the UK, Diana explores her journey as a campaigner and how she has fought for justice for victims.

From pain to violence and how to break the cycle | Felicity de Zulueta

We don’t have to look far to find stories about violence – locally or globally. Felicity de Zulueta has spent her life understanding violence and its link to pain and trauma all around the world. This talk explores the psychological origins of violence and how we can prevent it.

The transformational power of multinational business | Colin Mayer

There’s a power in the world: the most powerful force there is – and it could be an evil force. But it can also be the biggest force for good. That force: multinational business. Colin Mayer explains his vision for how business can and must transform itself and its impact on the world.

How to take the future of the economy seriously | Diane Coyle

Building an economy for the future isn’t something new. The Victorians did it too. Diane Coyle, economist and author, looks back at economic measurement, complex networks and investing on behalf of generations not yet born – all just as important in the 19th century as the 21st.

A Shift In Thinking Will Change The World | Emily Penn

What can we learn about resilience from remote small island communities? Emily’s work and passion for conservation have taken her around the world, from picking up 56 tonnes of garbage to researching the impact of plastic pollutants on women’s health. In this talk she shares what we can all learn from people living and thriving in the most remote parts of our world.

Fire in the Window | John Parry

John Parry treats us to his powerful and soulful voice, singing his version of the folk song Wayfaring Stranger and one of his own songs.

Music Is My Saviour | Infecta

Mixing melody and spoken word and showing us his soul through his music, Infecta performs two of his songs.

Real change through virtual reality | David Sackman

A market research company may seem an unusual candidate for changing the world, but that’s exactly what David Sackman’s firm intends to do. His vision: to take virtual reality technology that has been used to help sell more washing powder, and apply it to solve worldwide problems of human behaviour: equality, empowerment, health, psychological well-being and the environment.

How to build a space raccoon | Laurie Brugger

Ever wondered how visual effects artists make characters come to life on the screen? As she brings to life space raccoons and heroic trees, Laurie Brugger’s inspiration could be anything from the facial expressions of a live animal to a remote tribe in Papua New Guinea.

Cultural Intelligence: the Competitive Edge for Leaders | Julia Middleton

What will the leaders of the future need? Julia Middleton argues that it is cultural intelligence, an evolution – moving from IQ and EQ. But what is CQ, how do you master it and why is it so important in a smaller but more interconnected world?

Rethinking Ownership in the Digital Age | Siân Lindley

When George Orwell wrote 1984, there was nothing simpler than the idea of owning a paperback book. The more the digital world he foreshadowed becomes real, the more complex the idea of ownership becomes. Do you own your digital books? Your photographs? What about your friends’ comments on them? Siân Lindley explores how we need to re-imagine our files and how we interact with them.

From the streets to the gallery | John Dolan

The story of John’s life, his experiences, his art and how a dog changed his life – taking him from 20 years of homelessness to being a world-renowned street artist.

How do you capture the spirit of a city on film? | Mark Currie

Mark explores his journey as a filmmaker and storyteller trying to tell the story of London. But how do you paint a portrait of a city that is home to over 8 million people, 300 languages and stretching over 600 square miles?