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Credit: Luke Marsh, Transylvania 1 (2014)

Credit: Luke Marsh, Transylvania 1 (2014)

TEDxEastEnd is days away, and a big draw on the day (aside from the amazing talks!) will be the overall experience people will have, ranging from arts to crafts. I caught up with Christopher Huynh who is overseeing all of this and bringing together a spectacular experience for all our guests.

So Christopher is a London transplant via Houston, and outside of TEDxEastEnd is an art curator, occasional poet, a baker (is the Great British Bake Off next?) and an exhibition maker.

Reflecting on what ‘Society Beyond Borders’ means to him, he establishes certain borders are very important. Think about the borders of how we treat each other, a sort of kindness or empathy border that lets us interact in a positive way with each other. But in a broader sense, it means trying to transcend the limitations put on us by various systemic and institutional structures such as race which is essentially what TEDxEastEnd is all about.

His involvement with TEDxEastEnd is linked to its founder Maryam Pasha, who he worked for back in 2011-2012. She knew of his skills with his curatorial background for TEDxEastEnd and since then, he has been involved ever since; a true veteran on the team. It is the joy in putting together an event like this where people can reach across and communicate with each other that particularly engages him and the passion is clear to hear!

Christopher says on the day itself, our guests will get to think about borders in a new light whether it is through storytelling via 100 Stories or the range of photography by talented emerging artists whose work not only touches upon the relationship between the body, society and representation but demands that we confront and examine it. There will also be a Makers Bazaar for people to get an exclusive look at innovative businesses by diving into new technology, apps and crafts. Our participants will meet the Makers face to face and find inspiration in dynamic creative ideas. If guests want to be a bit more laid back, they can grab a coffee and converse face to face with our speakers in our contemporary reimagining of a 17th century coffeehouse. History past meets history present.  Immersed in this modern coffeehouse they can go more in depth with speakers to propagate ideas worth spreading.

He is most excited to showcase a slate of emerging photographers such as Artur Conka, Sarah Dorman, Sam Ivin, Marcin Jozefiak and Saleena Subaiya and artist Luke Marsh. And we can’t forget a 17th century coffeehouse that will be given a 21st Century twist. It’ll be a feast for the eyes, ears and mouth.

Unlike picking a favourite child, picking a single speaker Chris is excited about is hard. However, hearing Greg Constantine, Dr. Christine Shaw-Checinska, Jules Howard, Dr. Matt Green and Jermain Jackman speak is at the top of his list.

So come join us, make with us and experience TEDxEastEnd!


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