Burn After Reading



Jacob Sam-La Rose, Amaal Said and Antosh Wojcik 

Jacob Sam-La Rose is a poet, educator and artistic director of youth poetry and literature in education programmes. He is widely recognised as a tireless facilitator, mentor and supporter of young and emerging writers, and as an advocate for the positive impact of new technology on literary and artistic practice and collaboration. 

“Much of my work takes the form of breaking silences and encouraging people to value the power of their own creative expression, so when I think of society beyond borders, I think of perspectives that exist beyond the centre or “norm”— the diverse range of voices that are so often silenced, ignored or unheard. But I also think of potential futures. Borders often define the limits of a particular space or body of thinking. The invitation to examine the space beyond any society’s borders offers an opportunity to explore what happens when confines and limitations are relaxed or removed.”

Amaal Said is a member of the Barbican Young Poets and Burn After Reading collectives. Her  work explores the idea of home, identity and what war has meant for her family. She is a 19 year-old Danish-born Somali who currently resides in London, UK. 

Antosh Wojcik is a poet, performer and writer. He has been a featured act at events such as Glastonbury’s Poetry & Words Stage, Bang Said The Gun, Tilt, Tongue Fu, Apples and Snakes’ Big Talk and The Last Word Festival at the Roundhouse, and was joint Roundhouse Poetry Slam Champion 2013. He uses language as a form of striptease.