Behind The Scenes with Paula Falck (Food Experiences)


photograph by We Are Pop Up

Food, glorious food! Yes we’ve been stuffed over the festive season, but great food makes for even greater experiences. At TEDxEastEnd this year, we have a culinary display to tempt and tangle those taste buds.

I caught up with Paula Falck who is heading up ‘Food Experiences’ at this year’s event to get a preview of what we can expect on the day, and get to know the people behind the scenes who play an important part in contributing to its success.

Paula’s interest in the world beyond her and achieving change is clear; she works for the British Red Cross as a fundraiser, and along with TEDxEastEnd, is a supporter of other diverse causes including Refugees Welcome, March for Climate Change and Oxfam. Her passion for food is also evident, having had experience in the events industry and being a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’.

The theme of the event has been reflected in the food that will be on offer, by ensuring variety, international flavours and affordability – the aim being to accommodate people’s tastes and pockets, which is always helpful after the holiday period! The types of foods have been thought through, based on the breaks throughout the day and on what people may need to recharge and refuel as they immerse themselves in the main event.

It has been a lot of collaboration behind the scenes, with the food area occupying the bar space at the back of the legendary auditorium alongside the displays in Hackney Empire 2 and the Harold Pinter room, as well taking over Stage 3. Real thought has been taken into account to minimise queueing and ensuring food is transportable so people can enjoy the displays, make connections and soak up the atmosphere.


photograph by We Are Pop Up

When asked about the food choice she is most excited about, Paula was quick to credit our partners but did single out the home made Indonesian food that will be available at Stage 3 (*makes a mental note).  Finally, Paula shared what she is most looking forward to at this year’s event. Her passion for singing meant that ‘Choir with No Name’ were top of the list, along with her love for photography and therefore hearing documentary photographer Greg Constantine speak whose amazing work tells powerful stories about the situation of stateless people worldwide.

Like many people I have spoken to, Paula is a big fan of TED talks and has been for many years, using these as inspiration and learning about the great work that is taking place across the world. She became involved with TEDxEastEnd after attending last year and so put herself forward this year when the call for volunteers began.

So come join us, not just for the awesome things you’ll hear about, learn and discover. But the food, yes that glorious food!


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