Aleksandra Malchrzyk – Registration and Admin Manager


Who are you and what do you do for TEDxEastEnd?

My name is Aleks and I am the Registration and Admin Manager second year running. I set up the ticketing process and event websites (Eventbrite and, provide customer service, and manage registration on the day, including 16 volunteers.

What drew you to TEDxEastEnd?  What is your favourite thing about TEDxEastEnd?  What has been your experience highlight of working with TEDxEastEnd?

I was drawn to the inspirational bit of TEDxEastEnd. The purpose of what we do is to give people new perspectives and ideas, and encourage them to discuss things that are difficult.

My favourite thing about TEDxEastEnd is being a part of a team that comes together because it shares a purpose, wants to change the world a little bit, and does so in a great, diverse, non-judgemental, and fun atmosphere. It is like a perfect job – we do it because we want to (we are all volunteers), not because we have to.

What is your favourite TED talk and why?

My favourite talk is by Simon Sinek on the pivotal role purpose plays in business – it is not about what you are selling but about why and how. I agree with him. I would like to start my own business and this advice is something that is great food for thought.

If you had to speak at TEDxEastEnd 2017, what would be your story?

My talk would probably be on the importance of grit and how to develop it or about the importance of remaining curious throughout life. I believe it is good to be courageous and resilient in every aspect of one’s life as well as to be hungry for knowledge, adventures, and new experiences. I think one’s comfort zone looks best from distance.

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